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Banking & Finance
Case Study 1

Over an 18 month period our client had embarked on a major building and fit out programme at their new London based head office which comprises 500,000 sq ft of offices spread over 8 storeys of which 3 are below ground.

As you would expect from one of the world's most prestigious banks, the client demanded that the very latest technology should be exploited to ensure that the security at a head office building should be of the highest standard and that staff would therefore be able to work in a safe and secure environment.

The specification provided for high levels of integration between Access Control, digital recording, and CCTV camera/domes.

Having made such a substantial investment in the quality of building materials and fittings, it is not surprising that the client expected the highest level of workmanship from us to ensure that aesthetically our equipment did not detract from the attractiveness of the building. Great care had to be taken, therefore, by our installation engineers to ensure that we complied with the client's discerning requirements.

Case Study 2

Frontline Security Solutions was awarded a major two year contract which should reach completion at the end of 2011. The client had an existing access control system across sites in the UK, EMEA and Asia PAC and after rolling out a new product across their American sites they chose Frontline to partner them outside of the U.S.

Before rolling out the local change outs and further extensions to the Enterprise solution Frontline built, working closely with the clients strict I.T constraints, five regional servers with full NEC Clusters redundancy across all their sites. This was a very technical solution engineered by our own in-house Professional Services team.

Our client is a major Financial sector investments company and their requirement was to replace the existing system with the minimum of disruption to their staff or systems. Frontline re engineered the existing interface housings to accommodate the new boards making the switch faster and with minimal downtime to the security in their buildings. The works also included the cctv upgrades on many of the sites.

Case Study 1

One of the world€s leading companies came to Frontline with the specific requirement of handling their technical and software requirements for their leading brand access control system.

They are currently utilising an FM company for the local hardware support with a view to transferring to Frontlines SmartServ support service as and when the existing contract expires. The initial requirement was for database cleansing followed by software upgrades to the latest versions. A monthly patching routine has now been established with Frontline managing this and the bi yearly database cleanse to ensure the systems are kept working to their optimum performance.

Case Study 2

This particular client is a major producer of pharmaceutical products with four manufacturing facilities and a head office located in different locations in and around London and the Home Counties.

Our task was to upgrade the access control at each of the sites and link them via a network to a central server at their head office to allow each system to work in conjunction with a central database. Their largest site in London required the installation and networking of 120 card readers whilst other sites required 65, 100, 15 and 8 readers respectively.

Our client did not want to incur the cost of purchasing printers for each site in order to superimpose photo ID onto the access control cards. They also did not want to have to allocate a member of staff to take on the workload of producing the ID badging. With help from their HR department we therefore took on the responsibility for collating their various databases and subsequently providing a bureau service to produce photo ID access control cards for all their personnel.

We had over the previous ten years carried out a number of small projects for this particular client and were therefore delighted when they entrusted us with this important project.

To complement the access control system we have now been asked to upgrade the CCTV systems at each of the sites.

Case Study 1

A major Petrochemical solutions company have taken up Frontlines services for the support of their Enterprise solution outside of the US. Working closely with their I.T and Security departments as well as the product manufacturers RMS team we have remote access to their region servers in three different continents.

Using Frontlines€ managed network of support partners we provide consistent levels of support in five different countries for this particular customer with all calls and projects centrally managed through our head office in the UK. Frontline can now boast support services in 55 countries.

Case Study 2

Similar to our Pharmaceutical client the U.K€s biggest and one of the world€s leading Petrochemical companies came to Frontline with the specific requirement of handling their technical and software requirements for their C Cure access control system.

They are currently utilising a number of FM companies for the local hardware support again with a view to transferring to Frontlines SmartServ support service as and when the existing contracts expires. The initial requirement was for database cleansing followed by software upgrades to the latest versions. A monthly patching routine has now been established with Frontline managing this and the bi yearly database cleanse to ensure the systems are kept working to their optimum performance.

The customer has regained confidence in the system and has said they have € peace of mind knowing they have fast responsive technical support and a managed routine to ensure their database is healthy at all times€

Case Study 1

This particular client approached us to work with them over a three year period to implement a new access and CCTV solution. The main requirement was that our solution must work across and actively sit on their corporate network.

We approached this on a number of levels dealing firstly with the existing redundant access control equipment in place and set about putting together a plan to replace both video and access. We were able to migrate across all of the existing analogue cameras and work closely with the IT infrastructure manager to ensure all systems worked effectively across their network.

The central control servers and clients were implemented across a selected group of offices throughout the UK and Europe and this allowed the solid foundation for their new system to be built on.

The current system has now been installed in 14 countries in excess of 900 cameras and over 2000 card readers.

We currently have in place a fully comprehensive maintenance contract across the full EMEA region.

Case Study 1

Frontline Security Solutions has helped a leading Surrey school install a high specification CCTV system boasting 44 cameras.

The School shares its grounds with a local leisure centre. Frontline Security Solutions was awarded a contract to design and install a CCTV system that would take advantage of the latest technology. As part of that process, Frontline carried out a full site survey and then conducted a product evaluation session for the school which included demonstrations of a large range of CCTV products. This allowed the school to see how an effective CCTV system could be used on site. The final solution was an upgrade from the much smaller analogue system that was already in place at the site and sees the integration of a number of the existing cameras with the new technology.

Two Bewator Eventys Pro 32 channel DVRs, each providing 1Tb storage, have been installed, one in each block of the school. Local cameras are cabled back to each recorder and from there are connected to the school's LAN/WAN. "By networking the cameras in this way we have made it possible for teaching and support staff to monitor the images from a number of key points," says Andy Stokes of Frontline Security Systems. "We have loaded remote viewing software onto five networked PCs, allowing authorised staff to access the system very easily."

To give clear, all-round views, five Bewator Solaris external dome cameras have been fitted to the corners of buildings. Another ten cameras - Pelco colour/mono ImagePak external models - provide views around the perimeter, focusing on entrances and through routes. A further 29 Vista vandal resistant internal dome cameras have been installed to cover corridors, the reception area, the main hall and canteens.

The brief was to replace the existing access control system that could integrate and interact with existing CCTV cameras and new IP cameras. Fundamental to us winning this order was our ability to demonstrate that we could also integrate the student database, comprising approximately 10,000 names, with the access control system to speed up the enrolment process.

Considerable expertise had to be applied to the design and planning of this project. Our technical and project manager spent considerable time applying their knowledge of systems design to ensure that we would totally deliver against the specification and worked hand-in-hand with the respective manufacturers so that the maximum benefits of integration could be achieved.

The solution that we proposed and subsequently installed included a "Data Exchange" module to provide a "real time" interface with the student database to enable access control and ID cards to be issued on the day of enrolment. The issuing of access control/ID badges is managed from any one of twelve client PCs connected to RIO colour card printers. These are fitted with Mifare encoders so that cards are encoded at the time of printing.

We connected the existing CCTV cameras to Axis 241Q video servers to convert the composite video signal to IP for ongoing connection to network video recorders.

As a result, this sophisticated but easy to operate integrated security system enables the College's security team to link events such as door alarms and the use of invalid cards to camera images, enabling staff to quickly identify offenders and subsequently use video footage as evidence.

Case Study 2

Frontline Security Solutions were approached by a large education campus in the City of London we were asked to work closely with their security teams to supply and install an integrated solution meeting their daily security challenges.

Situated in a unique location in the City of London, neighbouring the Barbican Centre, Europe's largest multi-arts and conference venue, but is at the same time home to outstandingly talented teachers and students from around the world.

Only a complete security system can ensure the smooth operation of the 100,000 square meters complex, spread out over 5 neighbouring buildings with currently around 2,000 people accessing the different facilities.

After a thorough evaluation process, the contract was awarded to Frontline Security Solutions to install an access control system manufactured by TDSi.

The challenge

The school needed to replace its outdated access control system with one that clearly identifies and records who exactly has access to where, at which times on all of the 5 separate sites.

Large sections of the main school building with its music hall and theatre are open to the public frequently hosting student performances that attract large audiences.

For these events shared access doors to the Barbican Centre are opened allowing the smooth passage of high volumes. Some 2,000 students and staff require different levels of access including 800 full time and 400 junior students, 150 part time students, more than 450 teachers and 200 employees. All of them require access to some of the school's in-house facilities including 41 teaching/practice rooms, recording and sound studios, the students Common Room, I.T. facilities, a specialist library and residential accommodation for those who live in.

The solution

The required system needed to meet all 3 challenges in a one-card solution.

Frontline installed a TDSi eXcel4, a networkable access control unit in combination with TDSi's eXguard Pro software. At present the sites are linked to each other via modem allowing administration from just one place. The eXguard Pro software allows an unlimited number of doors to be controlled which makes it easy to open up additional doors for certain events. The creation of individual photo ID and badge designing are software features that give total freedom to the end user to suit the particular needs of the organisation.

The benefits

Since the implementation, management of security matters has become greatly simplified and a lot more efficient all together, taking away some concern from the vast responsibilities from the Head of Estates Management at the School.

The chosen magnetic cards are issued to everybody and serve as the school's ID card giving access to designated areas, a discount card for the in-house cafeteria, and as a library card and can be used for cashless photocopying.

Management Team says "The new access control system has cut down on a lot of administration costs throughout the departments. At the same time we have one card only that's useful to everybody and by using our own design and colour coding for the different user groups it's very easy to quickly identify people."

The selected access control system also gives sufficient flexibility to grow together with any future expansion projects making use of the in-built network capabilities of the eXcel4 allowing change from modem to LAN based communications.

Case Study 1

Our client, a major IT networking solutions provider wanted a system for their new head office building that would give them a high level of security. They needed to strictly control the movement of staff and visitors in and out of sensitive areas where confidential data and high value computer equipment is located.

Creating a safe and secure environment for their staff was of high priority and the client was therefore keen to have some form of turnstile control both at the front and the rear of the building to prevent unwanted visitors gaining access. We designed and subsequently installed a comprehensive security system that included Access Control, CCTV and intruder alarm detection.

The Access Control system takes into account that the client was keen to have a visitor lane installed so that visitors can walk freely into a coffee area where they then wait for their host. We achieved this by providing access control to stairwells and at all locations from the ground floor. As a result, whilst allowed into the coffee area, visitors cannot move freely around the rest of the building unless escorted. On returning to reception visitors are booked out through the access control system.

The access control system also incorporates photo ID badging for all staff.

The CCTV system, which is monitored at night by a remote central monitoring centre, comprises a combination of internal, vandal resistant and fully functional PTZ domes. Together they provide high quality images from all general areas of the building as well as car parking areas.

The images captured by the cameras are recorded on high specification digital video recorders.

The key suppliers that we chose to work with us on this project were Pelco, Silent Witness and Software House. Our client upon completion of the project made the following comments: "Frontline carried out an excellent installation and we were also pleased with the training that they provided. It was new for us to use a central monitoring facility but we have found that this has provided a major cost saving. We do not now need to have a security guard presence in the evening hours.