Frontline Connect Partners

Meeting global installation and service needs of Frontlines Fortune 500 customers requires us to expand our reach beyond our field offices. We accomplish this through a network of qualified system integrator business partners - Frontline Connect Partners (FCP)

Connect Partners meet the same stringent requirements as our own field offices. We select mature local integrators whose culture and strategy are in alignment with Frontline. Their defined engineering, project management and service account management processes and tools complement ours. In addition, the Frontline Connect Partner maintains product certifications and meets installation and service standards as defined by our customer.

Frontline acts as the single point of contact and coordination for the customer and the FCP. The FCP may perform the complete installation, start up, integration and system commissioning under the direction of the Frontline Project Manager. Or we may choose a dual delivery model using Frontline Engineers on the ground working in partnership with the FCP.

Service work orders are generated using our SmartServ Service Portal. The FCP uses the SmartServ Service Work Order process to respond to the service work order.

In order to remain a Frontline Connect Partner, they must continue to meet our customers' evolving technology and business needs.

Frontline strives to be your best service provider and our Frontline Connect Partners are an innovative way of delivering this service on a Global level.