The corporate sector has always been very active for Frontline and we work with many clients from small office locations to multi networked enterprise solutions. This sector has always kept us busy with small essential works such as relocations small additions to existing systems as well as major projects when they move to new buildings or off site Data centers are built.

With most of the Frontline workforce directly employed we have the flexibility to move quickly when the need arises as in some organisations the security department are often the last to know about changes! Developing excellent working relationships with our customers has underpinned our business for many years and will do so for many more to come.

Many corporate client have the same furniture, carpets wallpaper etc across all their sites and therefore a natural progression is for services such as security to follow.

As mentioned before Frontline are happy to provide the same model of services from small companies to major blue chip organisations with large campasses or networks of sites around the globe.

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