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Risk management solutions

Gallagher offers comprehensive security and business risk management solutions for large and small organizations throughout the world, addressing the key issues of security and risk management, personnel workflow and business continuity.

Gallagher’s scalable Command Centre software delivers one platform to centrally configure and manage access, intruder alarms, perimeter security, and compliance.

The system automatically executes business policy by enforcing compliance with regulations. The business connected platform resides on an organization’s IT network and stores information about cardholders, the site and system activity to deliver total site security.

It is designed to support multiple zones within a single site and multiple facilities and use the most secure encryption technology available.

Gallagher’s flexible security solution includes software controlled (networked) and stand-alone perimeter security electric fencing, no-feel sensor technologies, fully integrated intruder alarm management and numerous integrations with third party technologies.

Gallagher’s security platform features fully integrated intruder alarm management with the ability to channel all alarms from integrated systems through the Command Centre for appropriate action, immediately informing security personnel of any incidents.