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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Frontline Security Solutions recently held its second Security Directors' Seminar at Gordon Ramsay, Claridge's. The event is an open forum, attended by a number of security industry professionals.

As a society, it is fair to say we are now facing rapid changes with regard to our "sense" and "awareness" of security and its related issues. New challenges seem to be cropping up at every corner, and much of what we used to take for granted as being safe is now somewhat vulnerable.

Massive advances in the speed and reach of communications coupled with an ever-increasing sophistication of the criminal/terrorist and the relaxing of border controls have together, realised myriad threats that once did not exist.

Viewed in its entirety, this reality means that security professionals - and even more so those responsible for security and safety issues in top end corporate organisations - need to bolster their security regimes, increasing control while at the same time often having to reduce costs by way of satisfying the Board of Directors. That is no easy task.

As one of the solutions to this problem Frontline decided to showcase Tyco's C-Cure 9000 software.

Frontline intends to host a number of these events throughout the year.