Our Global Approach


A number of Frontline customers operate on an international basis and need an electronic security company that can deliver the same high level, quality service, in all of the regions they operate in.

As a result Frontline has developed partnerships with LSP (Local Service Provider) companies in over twenty five countries.

Our customers place their orders centrally with Frontline and we manage the request either by deploying our own workforce or working with our partners. The customer requirement could be for either installation or service. The need is for one company to manage the process and deliver a solution to the full satisfaction of the customer wherever their offices are.

Frontline has dedicated personnel who work with our partners on a daily basis building up relationships throughout the EMEA that guarantee that we can deliver the required high level of service wherever the location.

Similarly we work to agreed KPI’s and attend scheduled performance meetings with our customers to ensure that all parties are working together and all performance criteria is being met.