Frontline is working with a Global Petrochemical company who employs more than 57,000 people worldwide in locations that include the U.S., Australia, Africa, the U.K., Asia and the Middle East. Frontline installs and maintains integrated security systems to support their energy, hydrocarbon, government services, minerals, civil infrastructure, power and industrial markets.

We are time tested in this arena and have differentiated ourselves as a technology-driven company with a substantial global presence.

We play a prominent role in the Petrochemical market and provide security solutions for many of the world's liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities.

Our track record has proven that when faced with the task at hand, regardless of the challenges, we deliver the work that is expected of us. Whether it is a feasibility study for a refinery, or a simple access controlled door and camera, we deliver.

As with the Pharmaceutical sector and others, Health and Safety and risk management are key areas which need to be fully understood for each clients unique requirements, Frontline have a very proud record with these requirements.

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