Technology is constantly changing at an ever increasing rate. We have seen a major change in how we use technology over the past twenty years, it wasn’t too long ago we had word processing and fax machines as our key form of communication for document distribution. In the same way the structures of many major Corporate business has changed from colossal main frames in purpose built buildings. Now those buildings are either half empty or have ten times the storage in the same space.

What hasn’t changed is the need to secure those buildings.

Large data Centres are on the increase now with more companies choosing off site storage and redundant BCP solutions. Frontline has secured one of the UK’s largest facilities in the north of England which was probably one of the, if not the largest electronic security project of 2010.

Our experience with these projects and our excellent project management teams ensures our clients, whether the end user or a main contractor, get quality solutions delivered by quality engineering. Our proven formula once again sets us apart from our competitors.

As with the ever evolving Technology sectors successes, the benefits are passed into the security industry and the benefits include faster transmission of data via improved data processing and faster networks as well as ever increasing data storage capability with reducing costs. At Frontline our technical department is expanding and we ensure we are always able to offer our customers the best of breed products and the latest information on the developments in I.T. in the security industry.

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